Top 7 Reasons To Have A Business Blog

Using Blogging to increase your website content is an effective way to generate free and targeted traffic to your website which in turn will increase your sales.

If you don’t have the time or experience to write news wroth blog posts, then get the professionals in.

Adding unique blog posts to your website will help to engage with your visitors and improve your position in the search engines.

This gives you the time to concentrate on what you do best – running your business.

The Top 7 Benefits of Blogging

1. Generate traffic to your website

By writing and sharing newsworthy blog posts, you can bring in plenty of new visitors to your website. This only takes a few moments and your article usually stays on the sites until you remove it so you can be guaranteed new traffic for years.

2. Build trust with your customers.

Many people can be wary of trusting companies on the internet. One way to ease these fears can be by establishing yourself as an expert in your field. Articles related to your industry will prove to your clients that you know what you’re talking about and can be trusted. By distributing articles you are also distributing your business name around the internet which means you will build up a strong brand and reputation for your company.
3. Help your link campaign.

Many search engines base the importance of a website on the number of links that point to it. By distributing articles which contain your URL, you will naturally increase the number of links back to your website which will not only boost your search engine position, but also means more visitors to your site.

4. Cover all your keywords.

Articles are a great way to make sure all your keywords are covered in your website content without disrupting the natural flow of the copy. If you write keyword rich articles, then you have a good chance of reaching a high position for your targeted keywords.

5. Cost effective marketing strategy.

Article marketing is an inexpensive way to effectively market and promote your website. Once the article is yours, you can use it time and time again as content on blogs and newsletters as well as distributing to directories. It can become a far more cost effective way to optimise your website.
6. Helps to sell products or services.

Most visitors will want to know as much information as possible about your products or services before they purchase from you and articles are a great way to tell them. Articles can answer any queries a customer might have about your business and this will increase the chance of them purchasing from you.

7. Keep visitors on your site for longer.

By making your website a source of valuable information, people will not only link to it, but they will also visit your site more often to check for new articles and stay on your site for longer to read them. All of this increases the likelihood of them using your service and telling their friends.

So, Why Should You Outsource Your Blog Writing?

Don’t waste your time sweating over words when you can get an expert to write for you, giving you the time to focus on other important areas of your business.

Outsourcing article writing will generate new ideas which you may not have considered before. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-day aspects of running a business and often it takes a fresh pair of eyes to see some original ideas.

Save money in your marketing budget by outsourcing individual tasks rather than appointing a full time staff writer.

You and your staff may be so busy working on different areas of the business that it could take you a while to develop the idea for the article and write it. We can write the articles for you and have them back to you for you to publish in a very short space of time.

Focus on the Business First Not the Tricks

Being involved in online marketing I read, hear and see a lot about the various tricks and tools people recommend you use to get you to the top of the search engines, bring you untold riches and lead you to eternal happiness.

The truth is that, like a lot of quick fixes, get rich quick schemes and teach yourself/how to guides, the basic principles will mostly work, however unless the foundations are there, the value of such schemes is largely futile.

Put it like this, if I could show you a quick way to run faster wouldn’t that be great? Well, it would be if you knew you were running in the right direction, but what if you didn’t know where you were going or worse still were heading in completely the wrong direction? It would just mean that you got to the wrong place quicker or further away from where you should be.

If I could show you a way to tune up your engine to get an extra 10% performance, that would be fantastic, provided the wheels hadn’t come off your 15 year old Ford Escort.

Fancy tricks, tweaks and tunes are great provided you know where you’re going and it’s the place where you want to go, you’ve got all your wheels on and your bodywork’s sound! But if they’re not, at the very least, you could be wasting your time.

Unfortunately, focusing on the fundamentals is the difficult bit, one that not everyone can do and something that a lot look to avoid, hoping fancy tricks will overcome. If you want genuine, lasting and sustainable success, however, focus on the business first, not the tricks.

Discover A Business Tap Thats Flows Customers To Your Company

Imagine a tap. …..

You turn on the tap and water flows out. Turn it off and it stops. If you turn it up, water gushes out. If you turn it down, the water slows to a trickle.

Your body needs water to survive, too little and you suffer dehydration, you can even die of thirst. Too much and you can drown.

Just like your body needs water, your company needs business. And just like your body, your company needs the right amount of it. Too much and it too can drown, unable to cope – Service levels suffer, staff and customers become disenchanted, things start to go wrong. Too little business and your company can’t survive; it shrinks, declines or dies.

What if you had a tap for new business? You could turn it on when you were quiet and turn it off when you were stacked out. You could regulate this tap for just the amount of business to keep your people busy and maintain your planned rate of growth?
Do You Want a Tap for New Business?

Turn on the New Business Tap from Copious. Our unique approach delivers results you can see. Because we talk directly to your customers and prospective customers at the time they are ready to buy, the amount of money you spend on advertising can be directly related to the amount of business that comes in. If you want or need more business turn the tap on. If you want a little less turn it down. If you can’t cope with any more at any time, turn it off.

Using Copious’ unique approach means you only advertise to your customers and prospective customers and you don’t waste money telling your message to people who aren’t interested. And because so many people now use the internet, you can sell yourself to as few or as many potential customers as you would like, almost no matter how specific your niche is.

For More Information on the New Business Tap Speak to Us Now at Copious.

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Does Prime Time Advertising Actually Pay Off?

Prime Time Advertising for Your Business

Copious – Makers of More Profitable Search Marketing

Are these your ideal customers?
Imagine you could advertise your business on prime time TV…..

Think what effect it could have on your sales if your Advert could be seen in the middle of Coronation Street, News at Ten or a massive Football Match.

How would it feel if your advert appeared alongside or ahead of household brand names and Multinationals?

Now imagine you could advertise to this huge audience but it was only made up of people who wanted to buy or use your products and services?

Most advertising is wasted. Not all of us are in the market for Washing Powder, Beer or a New Car but advertisers need to expose us to this material to get the message across to the part of the audience that are.

Search Marketing is totally different. You only need to advertise to the people who are users and buyers of your products or services.

Smile, You’ve Discovered Copious.

Using experienced PPC Search Marketing Specialists like Copious will make sure that you only advertise to your customers and prospective customers and you don’t waste money telling your message to people who aren’t interested. And because so many people now use the internet, you can sell yourself to as few or as many potential customers as you would like, almost no matter how specific your niche is.

That’s why Search Marketing is the most cost efficient and effective advertising medium available and why Search Marketing with Copious could be the most profitable form of advertising you’ve ever done. – Makers of More Profitable Search Marketing for Your Business

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What is Online Marketing and Why Do You Need It?

Unless you deliberately chose to locate a business in the middle of nowhere, the chances are that someone will find you.

When you launch an internet site you are invisible. No-one will pass by your site, pop in or visit it by chance. You need to tell people where you are and persuade them to visit you.

The web is full of sites which no-one has ever visited. 97% of all websites are lost in cyberspace, built at great cost but unloved and unvisited. The equivalent of a brochure gathering dust on a shelf or a shop with no customers.

So what is Online Marketing and Why Do You Need it?

For your website to succeed you need to market it. All successful sites use a range of online and offline marketing to make sure people find and use them.

According to Brian Terry there are 17 sources of website traffic. We lump it simply into 7 categories

1. Search engines/ Search Engine Marketing

More than 85% of all visits to a website start from a search engine. You can either reach your audience through Natural (Free) Search or Paid Search.

In most cases Search Engine Marketing is the most effective way of getting quality traffic to your website, which is why we recommend it be your main marketing method in 9 out of 10 cases. Find Out More »

2. Offline Advertising

Offline advertising, (things like newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, billboards and other outdoor advertising, Yellow Pages and so on) is a great way of putting your name in front of a lot of people in a prominent way. It also tends to be quite expensive per visitor and the costs per conversion are normally high. Read More »

3. Word Of Mouth/Social Media/PR

This is the “free” way of marketing your business and extremely effective but often difficult to control. Find Out More »

4. Banner/display advertising and sponsorship

This is a great way of promoting your brand but research has shown that web users increasingly ignore banners and click through rates (the number of time someone clicks on a banner compared to the number of times that ad is shown) are low and declining.
Find Out More »

5. Affiliate Marketing

This is where a third party (an affiliate) is paid every time a click from their site results in an action on the Advertisers (the Merchant’s) website, e.g. a sale, a lead or a sign up. This reduces the risk for the advertiser and can be self-financing. For more details click here »

6. Shopping Portals/Comparison Sites/Directories

People looking for recommendations or to compare prices often use shopping portals like Kelkoo or or comparison sites like gocompare or moneysupermarket. For more details click here »

7. Email

Email lets you maintain a relationship with your customers or users and is a great way of communicating important information or talking personally to your customers. For more details click here »

Each form of marketing has its own advantages and no single way is the best. Ideally you should use a combination of all of these methods, in a planned, managed integrated online marketing campaign. Talk to Specialist Online Marketing Now for a Free Assessment of how you should market your site.

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Can Your Customers Actually Find You?

More Than 85% of All Visits to a Website Start from a Search Engine. Can Your Customers and Users Find Yours?

Take Advantage of Cost Effective Pay Per Click Search Marketing from the Specialists and Make Sure Your Customers Find You First

Take Advantage of Cost Effective Pay Per Click Search Marketing from the Specialists and make sure your customers find you first
To many people Search Engines are the Gateway to the Internet. Over 85% of all visits to a website start there.

Your customers and potential customers are spending an increasing time online (over 34 hours per UK user per month) so if they can’t find your business in a search, it’s likely they’ll find your competitors instead.

Specialist Online, are experienced PPC Search Marketing Specialists. We use our unique formula to find your ideal customers and prospects; make sure they find you and then make certain they choose you, not your competitors.

We guarantee that your online marketing will delivers results in the best, most efficient and cost effective way.
We work with you to understand your business and what you offer. We get to understand your ideal customer and target customer and who your competitors are. We then devise a plan that makes sure your target customers choose you, not your competitors.
We won’t bamboozle you with buzzwords and technobabble, just provide you with practical information and analysis of what we’ve done and what we’ve achieved, whenever you need it.

We will, often, increase the amount of visitors to your website.

We will, usually, reduce the amount you spend.

We will always increase the quality of your traffic

And we Guarantee to improve the effectiveness of your Online Marketing.
We offer fixed price, transparent monthly fees dependant on the level of your budget or spending and what you need. Because we’re so confident of what we do and how we do it, we even offer a Guaranteed fixed Cost per Action where you’re only charged when we achieve a Sale, Lead sign up or whatever action you want.

We are online marketing specialists. We’re serious about online marketing and passionate about getting results. We only want to work with companies who are equally serious about what they want to achieve from online marketing.

We don’t work for directly competing companies or where our work may compromise or disadvantage an existing client. And we don’t work for any companies where we do not believe we can add significant value to their business

Find out if Specialist Online Marketing can help your business. Call us today or ask us to contact you!