Latest News UK is a long term project with the goal of providing positive and happy news without bias or opinion.

We estimate traffic volumes will steadily increase over the next 12 months as more and more quality news related content is added to the website on a daily basis.

The website URL is and will create news content around all the major news sections including Business, Finance, Health, Technology, Education, Entertainment, Family, Science and Politics.

Un-bias News

Money, greed and power have great control over journalistic content and the actual integrity of the news channel/media.

The project aims to deliver genuine and honest content with no hidden agendas.

Happy News

Each and every day the world wide news outlet serve stories about all the negatives of humanity. From war to terrorism. Pollution to crime.

News can distort reality and whether a story is true or not, people tend to believe what they read.

There is a place for a news outlet that focuses on the positives of humanity. aims to do just that.