Imagine a tap. …..

You turn on the tap and water flows out. Turn it off and it stops. If you turn it up, water gushes out. If you turn it down, the water slows to a trickle.

Your body needs water to survive, too little and you suffer dehydration, you can even die of thirst. Too much and you can drown.

Just like your body needs water, your company needs business. And just like your body, your company needs the right amount of it. Too much and it too can drown, unable to cope – Service levels suffer, staff and customers become disenchanted, things start to go wrong. Too little business and your company can’t survive; it shrinks, declines or dies.

What if you had a tap for new business? You could turn it on when you were quiet and turn it off when you were stacked out. You could regulate this tap for just the amount of business to keep your people busy and maintain your planned rate of growth?
Do You Want a Tap for New Business?

Turn on the New Business Tap from Copious. Our unique approach delivers results you can see. Because we talk directly to your customers and prospective customers at the time they are ready to buy, the amount of money you spend on advertising can be directly related to the amount of business that comes in. If you want or need more business turn the tap on. If you want a little less turn it down. If you can’t cope with any more at any time, turn it off.

Using Copious’ unique approach means you only advertise to your customers and prospective customers and you don’t waste money telling your message to people who aren’t interested. And because so many people now use the internet, you can sell yourself to as few or as many potential customers as you would like, almost no matter how specific your niche is.

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