Being involved in online marketing I read, hear and see a lot about the various tricks and tools people recommend you use to get you to the top of the search engines, bring you untold riches and lead you to eternal happiness.

The truth is that, like a lot of quick fixes, get rich quick schemes and teach yourself/how to guides, the basic principles will mostly work, however unless the foundations are there, the value of such schemes is largely futile.

Put it like this, if I could show you a quick way to run faster wouldn’t that be great? Well, it would be if you knew you were running in the right direction, but what if you didn’t know where you were going or worse still were heading in completely the wrong direction? It would just mean that you got to the wrong place quicker or further away from where you should be.

If I could show you a way to tune up your engine to get an extra 10% performance, that would be fantastic, provided the wheels hadn’t come off your 15 year old Ford Escort.

Fancy tricks, tweaks and tunes are great provided you know where you’re going and it’s the place where you want to go, you’ve got all your wheels on and your bodywork’s sound! But if they’re not, at the very least, you could be wasting your time.

Unfortunately, focusing on the fundamentals is the difficult bit, one that not everyone can do and something that a lot look to avoid, hoping fancy tricks will overcome. If you want genuine, lasting and sustainable success, however, focus on the business first, not the tricks.

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