Frequently Asked Questions

Pay on Result: I Have a New Website

If you have a brand new site which is not ranking, you must sign up to the Basic or Advanced until your website is indexed and ranking. This will likely take 3 months but will be well worth the investment. After three months, the invoice will go to back to £0.

What Links do You Build?

I build links only from sites with a high Domain Authority, preferably with Page Authority, consistent social interaction, steady web traffic score and ranked in the Alexa 100. For quantity, I aim for around one or two per week as I prefer quality.

Are there any Contracts to Sign?

Only for the Pay on Results SEO package, Basic and Advanced packages do not require any form on contract but the terms and conditions must be accepted. This in place to protect me and you.

Pay on Result: I’m Already on Page 1

If you are already on first page, I will work for free until you reach the top 3 positions. If however, you are ranking in the top 50, you start paying when you reach page 1 and from there I keep pushing till you are in the top 3 positions in the SERP’s.

What is the Refund Policy?

I are happy to refund any month in action, any previous months work which has already taken place cannot be refunded and you agree to these terms when starting with us. The ‘Pay on Results’ package is exempt from any refund or return.

Is there a minimum Duration?

Only for the Pay on Results, which is six months. For Basic and Advanced, there is no minimum term of work, you are free to come and go as you please although I suggest a trial of 3 months.