Designing Technology for People
At Copious, there are three things that really matter to us – Design, Technology and People – and these three things are at the centre of everything that we do.

We are passionate about design and we design with purpose. We are guided by the fundamental principles of good design and create beautiful inclusive websites with accessibility and usability as standard. To put it simply, a Copious website looks great, does what it’s supposed to do, works brilliantly, is easy to use and delivers on brand promise. For design to be successful, it must serve a purpose. Otherwise, it is art.

The aim of technology is to make things easier for people and since we love people, to us this means that technology should be easy to use and accessible to anyone and everyone that wants to use it. We work with lots of different technologies to meet our clients’ needs – from content management systems and e-commerce solutions to blogs and social media – and always do so in consideration of the widest range of users. We work to the overarching principles of Inclusive Design, the prevailing Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), Web Standards & Specifications and best practices for Usability & User Experience.

We love people and we want to make sure that the widest variety of people are able to access and use the websites that we create. It works for everyone – our clients gain exposure to the broadest audience possible, their customers get to engage with the products and services that they choose and we get to make people happy.

Living Our Values
At Copious, Inclusivity, Accessibility and Usability are not just words that we use or services that we offer, they are what we live and breath every single day.