Leads are the lifeblood of all businesses and generating copious amounts of them is what we do best.

Copious is located in the Northern Powerhouse of  Manchester. Our only aim is to make our clients’ online presence go from invisible to prominent, resulting in a bountiful amount of leads that convert to revenue.

At Copious, it’s not just about ranking your website and then hope for the best. Lead generation is our craft. We take a strategic approach bringing into play our 15 years of successful experience within the emarketing industry.

We are currently generating leads for the following niches:

R & D Tax Credits

The R & D Tax Credit scheme is a tax relief offered to UK limited companies that are involved in the innovation of new or existing products and services.

How We Work

We have a very fresh approach to internet marketing.

Unlike most of our competitors we don’t offer a menu of different services, like SEO, PPC, web design, content creation etc.

The only thing that matters to our customers is ROI, and the only way to get that is by creating a lead machine for them.

To create a lead machine, every aspect of internet marketing comes into play. Therefore, lead generation is the only service we offer.

In summary if you are looking to rank your amazing looking website for pointless non lead generating keywords, then Copious is not for you.

Step 1 – We review your website and get to understand your industry. We then make all the necessary on-site changes to ensure your website has an optimum chance of both ranking and converting traffic into leads

Step 2 – We create an editorial calendar. Our expert team find topics your client demographic wants to know about. You then approve the schedule. Our highly qualified writers get to work.

Step 3 – We outreach to your online industry influencers and obtain editorials and guest blog posts. High authority websites that are extremely relevant to your marketplace direct keyword relevant links back to your own website. Over time, your website also becomes authoritative and dominates the search results pages.

Along the whole process we constantly analyse results and on page conversions and ensure the whole campaign is fully optimised.

Why are we different?

Most emarketing agencies utilise traditional link building methods which no longer work  in fact, it can do more harm than good.

Quality over quantity is the ONLY way to dominate the search engine results pages for your target lead generating keywords.

Design for changing times

At Copious, we also do web design, which is a necessary skillset to ensure the leads we work hard to generate, are converted into new business.

Design must has purpose. Creating great digital experiences for as many people as possible is what we love doing and we’re changing our proposition to do what we love even better.

Technology for modern humanity

We are inspired by interdisciplinary digital teams – from designers to content strategists, marketers to developers, and everyone in between – working happily and collaboratively together.

We are delighted when user testing demonstrates that we have designed something that is perfectly fit for purpose. To us, this means beautiful, usable and accessible, where form and function are in harmony.

The potential for technology to avail incredible possibilities lies in wait; the tools to hand were becoming increasingly sophisticated and complex as our industry matured, but they did not provide the great user experiences that our clients were used to. We tweaked and modified technology just to make it work the way we needed it to.

The trouble is that manipulating other people’s technology was stifling our creativity and something had to give, so we decided it was time to design better technology instead.

Include. Innovate. Invent. Inspire.